Welcome to Lineage 2 Epilogue Server L2 Shrine

Experience how Lineage II was meant to be played - difficult, without pay to win donate - only your skill matters.

  • Login server
  • Game server

No donate, ever

It might sound unbelievable, however we don't have any kind of donate on our server. Donate will always push forward players that have a lot of money, but for us Lineage II is skill based game and we want all players to have equal chance to be the best. And don't be worried about server's lifetime, we have enough money to keep server running for an indefinite period of time.

L2OFF based

No Java! Our server is based on L2OFF platform giving us great stability and retail settings. We are using our own extender for enhancing the gameplay with features like offline shop, option to turn off or on experience gain and a lot of security fixes. And we are giving our extender sources to public!

New chronicles

We will upgrade to newer chronicles over the time, giving our players new possibilities and entertainment. First, we will continuously upgrade to Gracia Epilogue, and then even to Freya chronicle.

Chronicle & Rates

Chronicle Gracia Epilogue
EXP/SP rate 4x
Adena rate 3x
Drop/spoil rate 2.5x
RB drop rate 2x
Quest EXP/SP rate 4x
Quest adena rate 3x


  • Runs with Gracia Epilogue client
  • Comfortable Epilogue skill enchanting style
  • Offline trade, experience gain on/off
  • No autoloot, unlimited boxes
  • Active server staff
  • You can read more here


03/14/2019Server downtimeEmca
03/12/2019Server movingEmca
06/20/2018Forum updateJorn
10/28/2017Note: EU Daylight Savings TimeEmca
10/02/2017Pet returns - new roundEmca

How to connect

Game accounts

Game client

  • Download Gracia Epilogue client.
  • Unpack downloaded file and install it.
  • Download L2 Shrine launcher here.
  • Copy launcher to the installation folder of the game client.
  • Double-click on launcher and click update button.
  • Once update is done, you're ready to play.

Server rules

By playing on our server player accepts rules below.


  • Any form of disrespect towards server staff (GMs, administrators) or server itself is forbidden.
  • It's forbidden to impersonate server staff. Only characters with green name are server staff.
  • Players are obligated to follow the instructions of server staff. It's forbidden to tell lies to server staff.


  • Any third party software that allows automated gameplay (bots, clickers, ...) is forbidden
  • It's forbidden to use any kind of cheats, exploits or bugs to gain advantage.
  • It's forbidden to buy clan halls for pet clans. If you do so, you risk we'll make it available for auction again without any compensation.
  • It's strictly forbidden to buy or sell in-game stuff (including game accounts) for real money.

Chat and names

  • In-real-life threats, racism, sexism, homophobic, transphobic speech or any other form of discrimination is forbidden in all public chat channels (all, shout, trade, hero).
  • The rules for public chat channels also apply to character names.
  • Spamming/flooding public chat channels is forbidden.


We have no donate politics, but we offer you premium account, and it's for free! Well ... not really, you just have to click few times . All you need to do is just to vote on voting servers on the right hand side, and you'll get:

  • Increased EXP/SP rate to 5x (instead of 4x).
  • Access to all Solo Kamalokas through Pathfinder worker.
  • Premium lasts for 12 hours - then it's possible to vote to get it again.
  • l2topzone.com
  • Vote our server on HopZone.Net